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December 01, 2011

My First Award

Stacy over at 2nd Grade Paradise has made my day week year! Today I found out she gave me the Sunshine Award! It may sound silly, but I feel like I won an Oscar or something!

I'll be honest. As I've blog hopped and seen all the wonderful blogs receiving all these awards, I wondered if it would ever happen to me or if my blog would ever be as wonderful. I was also a little jealous because, I admit, I can be a bit insecure. (I may not act like a people pleaser, but I am!)

So, thank you Stacy, for making me feel like "somebody"!  I am honored beyond words.

Now, the "rules" are that I have to answer a few questions before passing on the award to a few other blogs. So here goes.

What is your favorite color?
Simple question...ah, why so difficult? I like a lot of colors. Mostly neutral, natural ones. Black and brown. I like the soothing tones of blues and greens. But I also love purple and lime green. Oh, and red. Gee, was I supposed to pick one? Sorry.

What is your favorite animal?
I love dogs (have three) but also love pot-bellied pigs (have none since they are not allowed in city limits where I live--boo hoo!)

 My dogs love me when I feel unlovable, make me laugh, and are always here for with me.

OMG! I sounded like one of those crazy people on Animal Horders! Okay, whew! That was scary.

Pot-bellied pigs.  I mean have you seen these little fat cutie pies?  They are smarter than dogs and can be potty trained.  What is not to love?  I love my house but if I move it's for a pig.  If I end up in jail, it's cause I've got an illegal pet in the city and got caught!

What is your favorite number?
Three and five, don't know why...always have been.  Some might say odd numbers for an odd person.  Probably.

Anyone noticing a pattern here besides me?  I haven't been able to choose just one of anything yet.  Yeah, I am difficult and a tad indecisive.

What is your favorite drink?
Diet Ginger Ale.  It is soothing to the tummy.

Aha!  I chose one!

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook, because I had to have it to use Pinterest!  Otherwise, I don't do either.  Weird, huh?  I keep getting requests to be friends from people now that I have a Facebook account, but I have to tell them I only pin.  They think I'm nuts.  (Sensing another pattern?  If so, keep it to yourself please!)

Do you prefer getting or giving?
Giving.  But I am totally with Stacy about the stress of finding the perfect gift.  Hate that part.  I like it when I stumble upon something that just clicks.  Of course that doesn't usually happen when you need something RIGHT now!  And being a non-shopper (unless it's online...like TpT) I don't stumble upon things often or easily.  Oh, but when I do...

What is your favorite flower?
Hydrangea.  I planted a few in my yard and they bloomed the first summer and haven't since.  Depressing!

And now, I get to pass on the award to a few other blogs.  There are a gazillion to choose from, but I decided to choose a few that are relatively new (like me) that would love a few more followers.

Dianne at Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching  has been teaching a long time and blogging a relatively short time (like me!) and has the cutest blog name!  Her blog is adorable and the first giveaway I ever won was hers.

Michelle of Creative Classroom is an amazingly creative teacher turned stay-at-home mom who has an adorable bee themed blog.  LOVE that!  She also has her own business creating resources for teachers.

 Lisa at Live Laugh and Love to Learn just started her blog the end of October.  I love the bold colors (especially the lime green) of her blog design.

Sarah over at Adventures in Teaching is a second grade teacher who started her blog about the same I did.  She has a cute idea for a gingerbread man descriptive writing activity on her adorable blog right now.

Kelley at Buggy for Second Grade has an adorable ladybug themed blog in red, black and white.  Who doesn't love ladybugs?  And they are good luck.  Did you know that?  Anyway, Kelley has a great blog you should check out...only she needs a blog button so people can grab it!  :)

Again, thank you Stacy!  Who knew a little award could make someone so giddy?!?  Sweet dreams all.  I off to slumber.


  1. Hooray!!! You deserve it! Loved all of your answers - and cracked up about the pig!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Hello! Congrats on your award! I am your newest follower!

    I look forward to following you and getting more ideas from your supercute blog!

    Please stop by my blog and say hello : )

    Tales from a Traveling Teacher

  3. Thanks, Erika! It's so exciting to get an award. AND it was my very first! You are very kind to think of me. I hope my shout out to you gets you many more followers!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching


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