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July 31, 2011

More Clip Chart

Can you believe that I want my clip chart to go along with my bee theme?  I made header to go at the top.  You'll notice the bottom saying..."What level will you choose to "bee" on today?"  We use Marvin Marshall's levels of behavior at our school.  They fit in nicely with the clip chart levels I think.  My clip chart levels refer back to Marshall's levels of behavior.  I will  mount each level on color scrap booking paper and hang under the header.

Heading for Choices Clip Chart

Clip Chart Calendar Masters

Birthdays at the Hive

This year I had to have a birthday hive.  (Surprised aren't you?)  I created this to be a banner (my first) that I cut and matched up before backing with fadeless paper and laminating.

The Birthday Hive Sign

Then I made these honeycomb shapes to arrange into a hive shape under the header.  On the shape for each month, I will type in the student's names who have a birthday in that month and the date of their birthday in the # spot.  I made a few extra shapes in case I needed more to make a visually pleasing hive.

Birthday Hive

I'm not sure if you can edit documents in Scribd.  If not I can send you the Word doc if you leave me an email address.

July 30, 2011

Clip Chart Outstanding Stickers

Last year when kids made it to the top of the clip chart they would get to take home a happy note.  However, I was constantly finding them dropped on the ground or having kids run back into the building to get their forgotten note.  In an effort the solve that problem I decided to create stickers using labels that the kids could just stick on their shirt or forehead (as some of them like to do!)  Mine have a bee theme, but you could create yours anyway you like.

Outstanding Beehavior Label Stickers

July 29, 2011

Clip Chart Calendar

Simply 2nd Resources had a post about her clip chart calendar to inform parents about the color the kiddos ended up on at the end of the day.  I did something similar last year.

At the end of each day the kids would quickly color to show what their ending color was on the clip chart.  Once the procedure was established it took very little time.  The calendar went home on Fridays for parents to look over, sign, and comment on.  Each month we'd add the new calendar but keep the previous.  It was great to be able to look back over time and comment on improvements, etc.  I even had kids counting the number of certain colors they had and setting goals for the next week/month.  Loved it!

MayClip Chart Calendar With Dates

Sample of May Clip Chart Calendar

July 27, 2011

Bee Theme CAFE

I ordered The Cafe book this summer after implementing the Daily 5 last year. Both are so incredible! But the headers had to match my theme. Here is my first go round. Not sure if I will stick with this or try again. My 14 year old says my bee theme has become an obsession. :)

These headers are now available at my Teacher's Notebook store for $1.

The Buzz Word

One of the gazillion blogs I was on today had a Password idea.  (If you know the blog, please let me know so I can give them credit.)  The password was hung by the door and the kids had to read it going out, etc. for practice.  Love that idea for those tough to remember words.  So I adapted it to my bee theme and here it is...the Buzz Word.  I will either write the word on or attach with Velcro dot.

I know how to put google docs on my website but not on my blog yet, so if you'd like a copy let me know.

July 26, 2011

More Creations

My classroom has NO storage.  When I first moved in the administrator kept referring to the closet (which I couldn't find).  After a few years I got up the courage to ask someone "what closet?" and they pointed to the one small built-in shelf with a cabinet at the bottom.  I laughed myself senseless as you can imagine.  So, to the point, after seeing the storage/seats made out of crates at What the Teacher Wants I had to make some.  I have six for my small group table and spend nights dreaming of where else I can use them...computers, certain center spots. My lovely neighbor girl who is in college and also very crafty (sculpture, woodworking, etc.) cut the wood for me and the rest is history as they say.
Now I spend part of my nights dreaming up other woodworking projects for Sammie to help me with.  Poor girl...she is going to wish I never found her out in the garage using the saw!

Creations for the New School Year

After seeing the awesome owl art created by Mrs. Olson, I was inspired to create my own bee artwork for my classroom.  She very kindly offered to make some for me, but after having ordered twice from Vistaprint, once from Zazzle and Oriental Trading I figured I had better try out my own first.  I am just tickled and can't wait to hang them in my newly arranged room.

New Kid on the Blog Block

So I've been checking out all kinds of incredible blogs for the last few weeks after stumbling upon The Teaching Blog Addict, and my family (and friends) would probably say I am hooked.  The next step seemed obvious...create my own blog.  My classroom theme is bees so the title just seemed like a natural fit.  That and I LOVE second grade!  I'd love to know what you think.  Also, I need help on how to create a blog button.


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