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July 23, 2013

Helping Hands...er...Paws

I've been working since about 6:30 this morning.....after staying up to work until 1:00.

And back to school brain has started since I didn't fall asleep until after 2:00 thinking about the gazillion things I need to do and the few things I want to do before school starts!

Ah, but today I have a helper so life is good!

I like do da mouse, Mom!

Or maybe I'm helping him......

July 19, 2013

New Number Line

It's another late night folks.  Even the pets have gone to bed.  That's a bad sign especially when one is a cat.  Aren't they supposed to be nocturnal?

I believe I'm turning into a vampire or some other creature of the night.  This is not going to work when school starts.

But I'll start dealing with that next week...right!  (I know I said that to someone last week...probably my mom since she always worries about me getting enough sleep...still...after all these years.)

Anyway, I've finally got the fonts to not cut off on my first completed school project.  Funny thing is I actually like the font I ended up using better than the one I originally had.  Yes, things always happen for a reason!

So here it is...

my new bee themed number line.

I think it's pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself.

It has a little chalkboard (which unless you live under a rock--you know is all the rage right now), numbers in word and standard form, and ten frames to visually show numbers.

Disclaimer:  The author of this post intended no offense to those who actually live under rocks, want to live under rocks, like rocks, don't like chalkboard, or didn't know that chalkboard rocks!

They are going to look fabulous on my wall IF I find the time to print, laminate and cut them out.  (I will, I will, I will...)

You can find them in my TN shop by clicking on the preview above


you can win a free set by leaving a comment...

Now it's time for bed finally.

July 18, 2013

PDF Problems

I've been so swamped designing blogs that my summer to-do list for school has gotten dusty.

I'm starting to sweat it though with summer winding down and school right around the corner.

So I stayed up super duper late the other night working on a new set of numbers for my classroom.  All was good.

Then I opened the PDF file to see how many pages it ended up being and...


The top half of one of the fonts was missing!



Why is it that some fonts do that?  Only some?  Only the one I wanted to use!


So you'll have to stay tuned for the finished project because it will require some fixing and right now I'm just not in the mood.

If you've also had this problem and figured out a way to fix it please leave me a comment.  And if you'd just like to rant because the same thing has happened to you feel free too.

July 15, 2013

Free Quote

I LOVE quotes!!

I saw this great quote pinned on someone else's blog and thought I've got to add that to my quote collection.

So while I was making one up for myself I added a few with other backgrounds for those of you that also thought you could use it in your room.

Click here to download.
(If you'd like a different background email me and I'll see what I can do.)

July 13, 2013


I found out today that a former student committed suicide.  This amazing young man was also a classmate of my oldest daughter.  She is devastated and I'm in shock.


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