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August 18, 2011

The Bee Attitudes

I saw these cute bee sayings on MamaRocks a looonnnggg time ago and thought that some day I would use them in my room in some way. Well, finally that day has come. Many of you have seen the adorable way Mrs. Cooley displays her rules...the Five Bees Promise (if not, head over to her site and check them out!) So I've typed up the Bee Attitudes and am going to display them on bees like Mrs. Cooley's. Since I teach in a Christian school this display will be my religion board.

The Bee Attitudes

I will post a picture of the completed board later.

August 15, 2011

In Our Classroom

I saw this saying yesterday on Pinterest. Love it! Naturally had to make it for my room.

In Our Classroom

Btw, I need to get back on a normal (school time) sleeping schedule...which isn't happening easily because of all the wonderful blog ideas you all keep posting about and, of course, Pinterest. I think I need a secretary and a few staff. Ah, wouldn't that be a dream!

Oh, another btw, my great friend Jeannie and I call this "productive procrastination" when we have a multitude of things to do but we'd rather be creating and computering. (new word :) )

King & Queen Bee

Each week I have two helpers who basically get to do anything and everything.  I pick a boy and a girl and call them the King Bee and Queen Bee.  (Surprised aren't you ;) )  I've done the whole everyone gets a job each week thing and I HATED changing what seemed like millions of helper jobs and trying to keep track of it all...ugh...not for me.  This is easy peasy and the kids love it.  This is the sign I use to display my helpers.

King and Queen Bee Sign

This year instead of names, I thought I'd take pictures with the kids wearing a silly crown on their head to post.  Remember the old Burger King crown?  Yeah, that would be fun.

August 14, 2011

Answer of the Day

Recently (which could be in the last year...the way my brain works!) I saw a question of the day idea at Really Good Stuff. I liked how it promoted creative and critical thinking. Well, it's been simmering in the back of my brain lately so I figured I'd better do something about it before school starts in one week.

I designed and ordered a car door magnet from Vistaprint that I will use to display the day's answer {for FREE}. I made a coordinating bumper sticker {again...for FREE} that I will use to cover a can of some sort where the kids will put their questions.

You know how the brain works...I woke up one night with a song going through my head that goes with the whole thing. It is to the simple tune "Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone".

I will have the kids brainstorm questions in their journal or on scrap paper then pick their best question to put on the recording slip and into the bucket for sharing. Remember Talents Unlimited? (C'mon show your age!) I will stress thinking of the many, varied, and unusual questions we could come up with. Then encourage them to pick the one they think is a "one of a kind" question. (This is where having a safe and secure classroom environment is essential for encouraging risk-taking.) For questions that seem to not fit, be sure to have the student explain their reasoning. Sometimes they surprise us and force us to think outside our box!

These items are now available in my Teacher's Notebook store.

August 13, 2011

Back to School Game

I created this back to school game using the "I have Who has" model.  However, I wanted it to be a cooperative group game since there will be some kids who can't read as well as others and/or new kids to our school.  So instead of individuals getting a card or two, I will put the kids in small groups (probably 3 depending on class size...that is unknown still.)  You'll notice the cards say "We have" instead of "I have" and each group must read their card in unison.  (Before beginning the game, I will have groups practice reading their card together.)

This game would only be used after I have introduced certain areas and procedures in our classroom and school since some of those things are included.  It also incorporates rule review and the names of specials teachers.

My classes in the past have always liked playing this type of game and enjoy me timing them each time we play to see if they can go even faster than the previous time.

Because this is something you would need to personalize for your class and school, let me know if you are interested and I will email it to you.  The font I used is smiley monster from Kevin & Amanda.  My class rules are from Whole Brain Teaching.

Back to School I Have Who Has

Doubles Derby Math Game

At the beginning of the year we work hard to master our double facts in math. A friend and I created this game years ago and the kids absolutely love it! They beg to play it all year long...I think it must have something to do with the little race cars. :)

Doubles Derby

All that is needed to play are mini-race cars (I think I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree or Walmart--it's been so long I can't remember), a clear spinner, and a game board for each child. You can also have the kids record the doubles equations on a small white board for practice as they play. If you like to have something to check or show parents, have the kids record on a piece of paper.

August 11, 2011

Class Mascot

I was school supply shopping with my girls the other night and found a mini-pillow pet that I decided to turn into a class mascot.  I have a full-size bee pillow pet in my room that we take turns reading with each day, so this little guy was irresistible.
Until we give him a name I am just calling him Baby Bee.  (I can't stop humming "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...)

I met Andy at What The Teacher Wants and was inspired to make a travel log for B.B.  The clip art is from DJ Inkers.  I think I will use a composition notebook and do a bit of crafting for the journal.  I'll post pictures of that later.

My Adventure With Baby Bee

I haven't found a cute bag yet for him to go home in.  Maybe Zazzle or Vistaprint...hmmm...more shopping.

These are the books I will send home.

I think the kids will love this, and what a great writing opportunity.  

August 10, 2011

Clothes Pins for Clip Chart

Okay, I am obsessed!  I found these tiny little bee stickers while placing an Oriental Trading order and figured I'd find a use for them.  There literally were a gazillion in one package.  First order of business was to add one to the clip chart clothes pins.  I stuck them on and then Mod Podged over them for extra holding power.  The photo isn't great but you get the idea.
After a couple layers of Mod Podge dries I will add numbers.

August 08, 2011

Hive of Fame

Christina Bainbridge has her kiddos put a gem on their clothes pin each time the get to the top of the clip chart.  Then once they get five gems on their clip it is "retired" to the wall of fame and they get a new clip.  I love this idea!  So, in keeping with my theme, I created the "Hive of Fame" that the clips will be moved to.  Thanks Christina for the idea!

Hive of Fame

August 05, 2011

CAFE Board and More

Here are a few pictures of finished boards.   My CAFE board headers were found on ProTeacher.  You can't see them very well, but they have adorable stick kids on them!  My Daily Five is next to the CAFE.  As I introduce Daily Five I make I-charts with the class and post for reference.  Next to that is my behavior board with the levels of behavior, class rules, and clip chart.  The class rules are from Whole Brain Teaching.  All three of these boards are close to my gathering area for easy reference.
The I-charts you see are from last year.  I need them a bit smaller for this year because only 4 fit!

I love my new clip chart!  Used polka dot scrapbook paper.  Hopefully it won't fade too much as the year goes on.

Someone's blog (if only I could remember who) had a writing "show-off" display.  Neat idea...then it was gone.  Later while at Hobby Lobby I saw this scrapbook paper that looks like framed chalkboard so I added letters, mounted on tag, laminated, and set on a little easel-like holder.  Voila!  BEEutiful Work display.  (Thanks to my friend Jeannie for the wording.)

This is my new word wall.  Black fabric backing with evenly spaced yellow scrapbook paper.  The letter labels are from Teacher's Clubhouse.  I am thrilled with the look of this long, narrow board.

Calendar Ante Up

I'm at school working and taking a break from going through eight filing cabinet drawers...three are done and my back is killing me!  I have filled two paper boxes with recycling.  (Filing is my LEAST favorite thing to do in the world!  Which would be obvious if you could see the piles of stuff I've saved up over the last year.  But since I am the one in control of the camera you won't see those piles.  {evil laugh!!}

I did find an idea from an old Mailbox magazine to make for my calendar.  As a second grade teacher I am always trying to make my calendar "new" so that it is relevant and instructional and the kid don't just tune out.  That can be hard since the kids get so much of calendar during kindergarten and first grade.  Any way, I found an idea for a tooth line graph.  (If you teach second you know the kids still love losing teeth and all that goes with it.  But the tooth shapes are a bit "worn out" by second grade.)  Line graphs are not something we do a whole lot of naturally when graphing so...ta da!...the Lost Tooth Line Graph.

Print out and laminate.  In the space at the bottom have students who have lost a tooth sign their name.  On the last day of the month count up the total number of teeth lost and put a dot on the appropriate spot of the line graph.  Erase the bottom for the new month and start over.  Connect each month's dot and ask data interpretation questions as you go along.  (Ties into reading grid coordinates too!)

Lost Teeth Line Graph

Lost Teeth Line Plot Graph

August 04, 2011

Recipe Linky Party

Mrs. Fiorini is having a recipe party.  Cooking during the school year with the long hours and kids' activities is a headache but eating out is so unhealthy not to mention expensive!  So here is my contribution to the recipes...

Taco Soup
1 pound or more of browned ground beef
1 chopped onion browned with beef
1 can of corn
1 can of kidney beans
1 large can of tomato sauce
1 can of diced or whole tomatoes
1 package taco seasoning

Combine all the ingredients above (without draining the canned items) in a pot on the stove or a crock pot.
Add about 1 1/2 cups of water or more depending on consistency you like.
Simmer on stove until ready (the longer the better) or cook all day in crock pot.

Serve in bowls with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, sour cream, etc.

My family likes lots diced tomatoes so I usually add more and do whole tomatoes too.  I also buy the kind with the onions and peppers mixed in the can.  If you like spicy use the spicier taco seasoning.

This recipe will feed a small crowd and has never failed to please.  It is kind of a twist on chili many have said.  Enjoy!

Easy Ice Cream Dessert
In a rectangular glass dish place a layer of ice cream sandwich bars.  Cut and squeeze in as necessary.
Cover with a layer of whipped topping.
Cover whipped topping with a layer of chocolate ice cream topping.

Place in freezer until ready to serve.  

People won't believe that this is made from ice cream sandwiches!  I've made it with vanilla sandwiches, mint chocolate chip sandwiches, and strawberry sandwiches (use strawberry topping instead of chocolate...although chocolate covered strawberries are yummy, so I may have to try them mixed) and all are a hit.  You can make this in about 10 minutes and serve immediately if necessary.  Jazz up with chocolate shavings or sliced strawberries on top if you want.

August 03, 2011

Linky Party

Oh' Boy 4th Grade

is having a fun (non-school) related linky party.  Take a minute to join in the fun.  It's easy just list what you are currently...


Teacher Apron

Yesterday my apron came and I absolutely adore it!  I ordered it from Angela Wageman's Etsy store called Just Love Teaching.  It is such great quality.  (I got one a few years ago at a convention that doesn't compare one bit.)  This one (eye roll, of course) has bees on it.  It has six pockets to carry everything a teacher could need during the day and is lined.  It came quickly with, drum roll please, a hand written thank you note from Angela!  I don't know about you but I hate hunting around for this or that when I am working with kids.  If you don't want one for yourself, it would make a fabulous teacher gift.

Back to Work

I spent a few hours working in my room.  When I got there it was 11 degrees warmer inside my classroom that it was outside!  I had two fans blowing on me nearly all the time and I still felt like I was melting.  Here are some before pictures.
This is the view from the door.  Most of what you see is the second grade science materials that go in the hall outside our three rooms.  They are in my room so the hallway can be waxed next week.
This is the corner where everything is pretty much piled up.  My beautiful new crate seats are peeking in on the right!
We had an awesome math inservice after school got out and each classroom got over $500 dollars worth of new manipulatives.  LOVE!  Finding a place for it all...not so much love.  (Remember no storage, no closet except the shelf (aka closet! :)  You can see the incredible bee rug I bought a few years ago.  It has sayings on it like "be polite", etc.

I keep reminding myself it has to get worse before it gets better!!  Maybe by Friday I'll have some after pics...fingers crossed!

August 01, 2011

Adorable Bee Font

I found this adorable bee font and naturally had to redo my clip chart sayings.  Hope the kids can read it otherwise I'll be the only one enjoying it!

Clip Chart Calendar Masters - Bee Sayings2


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