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August 05, 2011

CAFE Board and More

Here are a few pictures of finished boards.   My CAFE board headers were found on ProTeacher.  You can't see them very well, but they have adorable stick kids on them!  My Daily Five is next to the CAFE.  As I introduce Daily Five I make I-charts with the class and post for reference.  Next to that is my behavior board with the levels of behavior, class rules, and clip chart.  The class rules are from Whole Brain Teaching.  All three of these boards are close to my gathering area for easy reference.
The I-charts you see are from last year.  I need them a bit smaller for this year because only 4 fit!

I love my new clip chart!  Used polka dot scrapbook paper.  Hopefully it won't fade too much as the year goes on.

Someone's blog (if only I could remember who) had a writing "show-off" display.  Neat idea...then it was gone.  Later while at Hobby Lobby I saw this scrapbook paper that looks like framed chalkboard so I added letters, mounted on tag, laminated, and set on a little easel-like holder.  Voila!  BEEutiful Work display.  (Thanks to my friend Jeannie for the wording.)

This is my new word wall.  Black fabric backing with evenly spaced yellow scrapbook paper.  The letter labels are from Teacher's Clubhouse.  I am thrilled with the look of this long, narrow board.


  1. Very cute, and I love all the polka dots! :-)

  2. Ok....I think we may be teacher twins. We use a lot of the same stuff: cafe, whole brain teaching, and I am pretty sure our word walls were the same (Teachers Clubhouse). I hada bee theme last year but switched to camping..I just kept the weekly hive. I love your stuff. I am a follower now!!!


Thanks for filling my bucket!


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