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December 07, 2011

95 & Counting

I can't believe I am at 95 followers! Stacy over at 2nd Grade Paradise was talking about reaching 100 followers by Christmas. I thought as I was reading that, yeah, wouldn't that be fan-tab-u-lous!? Now I am soooo close.

Did I just jinx myself?


Monday our elf on the shelf showed up. The class was ecstatic! The kids each picked a name and I drew one from a hat. Its name is Bluey.

Over the weekend I purchased Sunny Days Elf on a Shelf Classroom Resource Pack. It is amazing! If you have an elf, you need to check it out.

Each day we are journaling about where Bluey is found and what we think he did during the night (besides going to the North Pole and reporting to Santa if we were naughty or nice). They are SO into it.

Because of how busy we are with practices for our upcoming (Sunday afternoon :( ) Christmas program and all the other crazy things this time of year, I am taking a photo of Bluey each morning to paste onto the day's journal page instead of having the kids draw a picture. As soon as they find him, I grab the camera and we are good to go! The kids are thrilled to know they will have a little book about our elf to keep forever.

So far, Bluey has been found reading Christmas books, building with foam blocks, and painting a picture! The kiddos are even brainstorming where they think Bluey will end up next and what he'll be doing. I love it! My 12 year old daughter is having fun helping me after school each day set things up.

All my pictures are on my school computer, but I will post a few soon.

I also want to share a really neat Christmas art project with you all.

Off to bed. Goodnight!


  1. Love your cute blog!! Thought I'd help you reach your follower goal too...signing up right now! :)

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  2. I started the Elf on the Shelf this year!! My kids are excited to see where she is in the morning what she's been doing. It's been kind of fun! I too want to post pics and such but I'm a horrible bogger lately! Good luck on getting to 100-If I could I'd follow you twice :)

  3. Hooray!!!! You're so close - I'm telling you, it happens so fast. :) Here's to 100!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher


Thanks for filling my bucket!


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