August 11, 2011

Class Mascot

I was school supply shopping with my girls the other night and found a mini-pillow pet that I decided to turn into a class mascot.  I have a full-size bee pillow pet in my room that we take turns reading with each day, so this little guy was irresistible.
Until we give him a name I am just calling him Baby Bee.  (I can't stop humming "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...)

I met Andy at What The Teacher Wants and was inspired to make a travel log for B.B.  The clip art is from DJ Inkers.  I think I will use a composition notebook and do a bit of crafting for the journal.  I'll post pictures of that later.

My Adventure With Baby Bee

I haven't found a cute bag yet for him to go home in.  Maybe Zazzle or Vistaprint...hmmm...more shopping.

These are the books I will send home.

I think the kids will love this, and what a great writing opportunity.  

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