September 29, 2013

Super Improvers Wall ( or Not)

I love Whole Brain Teaching.

Last year I had a Super Improvers Wall.  I had the levels (thanks to Teacher on the Loose)

and each of my students had a colored card with their name on it to put their stickers on...except I used gems instead of stickers.  Who doesn't like a little bling!

I get these at Joanne's in a variety of colors.  And the kids LOVE them!  Occasionally I'll buy some that are a little larger just to mix it up....but only because I'm crazy like that....or they are out of the smaller size.  Take your pick.

It was a great success!  I loved it and the kids loved it.  Win-Win!!

Flash forward to a shopping trip near the end of the school year for more gems.  The clerk asked what I was making with so many packages of gems.  I told her about the Super Improver Wall and she suggested if it was something they could wear and collect all year it would be even better.  I agreed and we brainstormed a little about how it could be done.


Then while stalking a favorite blog over the summer aka Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!  I fell in love with her behavior beads and purchased just about every set she has.

As I was printing set after set out the light bulb went!

Super Improvers Wall....that they can wear!

The kids love these!

Here are the first three tags for you to download and use.

Free Graphics from Phillip Martin

I'll be adding others as I make them.
I hope your kids like these as much as mine do.


  1. I love my Super Improver's Wall! This is my third year, and it's VERY motivating for the kids. However, I've never thought to use gems or a wall they could wear! Thanks for the great ideas!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. I loved my wall too, but honestly my students are more excited about collecting these tags than I could ever have imagined. You may want to try it next year!

  2. Hey,LOVE this! Where did you get the necklaces the kids wear? Also, how do you use the gems? Are they stick on gems? Thanks!

    1. I got the necklaces at Hobby Lobby. Also, the gems are stick-on gems. I use them for any kind of improvements and when the kids get ten on a tag they get the next tag.

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