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October 16, 2012

The Floss Rule for Spelling

Here's a little spelling rule poster freebie.  It's a rule from the Barton Reading program.  Hope you can use it.

Nothing fancy just something my kiddos put in their binder.  They LOVE putting things in that silly contraption.  Maybe it's the clicking noise they can make with it that I love drives me bonkers.

click, click, click

I hear that!  Stop it!

Now last years class would have snickered for hours over the word gas.  This year's class . . . not a peep!


  1. With mine it is the clicking of their pens that drives me bonkers! I always threaten them with the good old fashioned kind where you pull off the cap!

  2. Love this rule, and the name!! Only suggestion is to point out that the vowel must be right next to the floss letter. That's why this rule won't work in words like: girl, curl, golf, etc. One vowel, ending in l or f, but they aren't doubled, because the vowel isn't right next to the floss letter at the end.
    Less confusion later if they know this ahead of time.:)


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