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July 06, 2012

I Haven't Forgotten

Sorry folks...I haven't forgotten about the giveaway.


Cross my fingers, hope to die, poke a needle in my eye!

I've been busy designing, celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary, designing, sleeping, planning my parents 50th anniversary, sleeping . . .

You get the picture.

In the midst of all that I've been stalking etsy to find the perfect thing . . .

something that I myself would want (just in case I win it myself - lol!)

So don't give up or throw in the towel just yet.  I promise it's coming.

How was the 4th of July celebration where you live?  We had a ban on all fireworks because of the fires roaring in nearly every direction around us.  It's been hot, dry and miserable here like many other places around the US.  It made the 4th pretty quiet.  I think I was asleep by midnight and the dogs were calm, cool, and collected.  No sedatives needed this year.  But still it was rather ho hum.

I still have gotten nothing on my school to-do list done.  I've stopped admiring all the "Made It Mondays" because it just depresses me and then I eat more chocolate.  It's a vicious cycle.

I've got piles of things to do just staring at me on a daily basis and the family is tired of climbing over them.  Even the dogs have started to give me dirty looks.

And I still haven't read a whole new book . . . (soft sobbing)

I am a loser.

But dog gone it, people like me!  (anyone remember Stuart Smalley?)

So stay tuned for the giveaway.  I promise I'll have it before reaching 500 followers . . . just kidding! :)


  1. Can't wait to see what you choose. Happy Anniversary to your and your parents :) How exciting.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Heidi,

    Just found your blog and I am your newest follower. Happy Anniversary!! I am new to the blogging world so come check out my blog!


  3. I JUST started my to-do list. Now I'm kind of into it. As you can obviously see by my commenting on your blog.
    I have piles everywhere, too. I am thinking I need to do something about it, but it hasn't gotten past the thinking stage.
    Happy Anniversary!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. Thinking about it is what I do best! (I'm the same way with exercise-HA!)

  4. Hey Erika, I haven't talked to you in an eon! Happy anniversary to you and your parents!!

  5. It stinks you didn't have fireworks this year! But, we just watched them on tv this year :) Too hot to go out and see them!

    I've got a new blog I've just started! I'd love some new followers - if you don't mind taking a peek! Thanks! http://beyondthegradebook.blogspot.com

  6. Can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I just found it. I love your header... I too am a bee fanatic. My classroom theme is bees. It looks like yours might (bee) too? Ha Ha! I have to say I'm going to buy those bee pencil toppers. So stinkin' cute!
    Did you design your blog?? I love your graphics!
    The Hive


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