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June 07, 2012

Free Manners Posters

Not yet a week out of school and the wheels are turning, creative juices are flowing, and late night Pinterest hopping is occurring.

Love, love, love summer!

With school and blog designing and life in general so little of that has been happening for me lately.  And I'm not complaining at all because I love everything I do but it's nice to have a little extra "free" time to do those things that don't come easily during the year.

I am so looking forward to actually reading a whole book for PLEASURE and then posting about it on The Best Endings too.  Most everything I've read during the year has been recommended by someone else's posts so I'm searching for something new and exciting.  ;)

As I've been slowly working on cleaning, organizing, and packing my room away for the summer, I've noticed a few things that need updating or tweaking.

Before school started I found a set of free manner posters from somewhere . . . can't find or recall where.  Anywho, I hung them up and the kids and I loved them and referred to them often.  But, they didn't really fit in with my theme.  So naturally I had to redo them.

You can grab them for free from my Teacher's Notebook shop.  Since I couldn't get them to upload to my shop you can grab them here for free by clicking on the picture.




  1. Love these! Thank you!
    Happy summer!

  2. Great posters! I am a stickler for good manners, so these will be perfect for our room. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such cute posters! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. I can't wait to start posting on The Best Endings again too! I feel like summer is the only time I can read for pleasure.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Very cute! I am pinning these.

  6. Oh my goodness, I love, love, love these! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!
    Stories From Second

  7. Your posters are too cute. Thanks for sharing! I'm following you on Pinterest now :)


    Stories from Room 114

  8. I especially like the one about not bragging! Drives me nuts.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  9. A new follower who just loved what you have made.
    A huge thank you

    Enjoy Teaching English


Thanks for filling my bucket!


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