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April 01, 2012

I'm It! & An Interview

Watch out!

I'm it and I'm gonna getcha!

Simone over at Busy as a Honey Bee tagged me!

Here are the questions Simone asked me.  She is a very good interviewer.
(Author's note:  portions of this interview are fictionalized.)

S:  Hi Erika.  How are you today?  By the way, I love those pj's you're wearing.

E:  Gee thanks.  I really wasn't planning on an interview today but since it's you I don't mind.  Here have a seat on my comfy couch and let's get started.  Don't mind the dog hair or the drool.

S:    Uh, sure.  (picture Simone wearing that cute outfit in her profile pic  covered with dog hair...) 

S:    What sport - if any- did you play in high school? If you didn't play a sport, why not? 

E:  I didn't play sports in high school.  I wasn't (HA!  Who am I kidding!) still am not very coordinated.  And I was way too shy.  When I was in step aerobics the instructor used to tell me that my heart didn't care that my feet didn't know what they were doing.  Way to boost my ego lady!  No wonder I quit!  Well, that and people got tired of me bumping running into them and I nearly killed myself tripping over the step.

S:  Wow that is REALLY uncoordinated.  How do you stay upright?  Never mind.  Here's the next question.  How many hours do you spend each day reading different blogs? What are your Top 5 blogs? 

E:  Unfortunately since starting my blog design business I'm not reading blogs as much as I used to or would like to.  If I'm short on time and stressed out (usually am) I need a good laugh and a quick tip so these are my top 5:  Teeny Tiny TeacherPeople I Want to Punch in the Throat, 2nd Grade Paradise, The Teacher's Cauldron, and  Sweet Blessings (I love her free signs).

S:  Yeah, who doesn't love free.  What has been your favorite post that you have written? 

E:  Well, that's a tough one, Simone.  Let me think.  (picture me scratching the chin hairs.)  In honor of your profile picture, Simone, it would have to be my 300 followers post where I recounted the facial hair story.  It didn't get the most page views of all my posts but it is a personal favorite just because of the memories it contains.

S:  Oh, that is so sweet Erika.  Next question.  If you are married, getting married or dream of getting married, where did you take a honeymoon to? If you aren't married where are you planning on going or where would you like to go? 

E:  If you read my blog you know I am married and how I met my hunny...hee hee!  But the honeymoon. Well that was a disaster.  We went through Yellowstone National Park (woo hoo!) in just a few days because the Mr. had to get back to town for a major surgury.  Yes, it was quick and in a locale that most women only dream about.  But really on a honeymoon what more do you need than a room, am I right?

S:  TMI!  What does your hubby/boyfriend/significant other think of your blog and do they read it on a regular basis? Or is your blog your domain alone? 

E:  My husband thinks it is great for sharing and getting ideas but he doesn't understand why it takes so much of my time.  No he doesn't read it.  At least not that I know of...hmmm...

S:  What is your favorite beauty product that you use on a daily basis? 

E:  Oh, Simone, I'm a natural beauty and don't use a thing.  Wait!  Don't use the bathroom!  Stop!  Alright so I lied.  Please don't hold it against me.  My go to beauty product is my facial cleanser.  I use Cosmedix Purity Clean which is an exfoliating cleanser.  I am OILY and dry and getting old and this is my wonder drug.

S:  You are a little oily...but beautiful.  Okay, next question.  What was the last thing you bought at Target!!!???

E:  Gosh, I'm embarrassed to admit this but I haven't been to Target in months.  I hate shopping and all that it entails so if a friend is going I give them money to pick me up stuff.  So, let's see, probably Valentine's Day stuff.

S:  Do you sing in the car? In the shower? 

E:  When I'm in the shower I'm still pretty much sleeping so there isn't any singing or anything else that requires too much energy going on, but I do sing in the car.  And I laugh at people that do too.

S:  Sunrise or sunset? 

E:  Definitely sunset because, again, sleeping during the sunrise.

S:  What is your favorite meal too cook for yourself and others?

E:  You know, Simone, I really do love to cook despite what my husband says.  We just differ on what we like to eat so it's easier sometimes to let him cook.  But I love to make Beef Burgundy and it's one of his favorites too.  Right honey??

S:  What inspires you each day?   

E:  I am inspired each day by my husband.  He is a man of character, faith, and determination.  He works harder than anyone I know and never rarely complains.

S:  You're not just saying that to keep him cooking are you?  (wink wink)  What is your favorite dessert?

E:  Honestly, I never met a desert I didn't like.  Well, except cheesecake.  I love cheese and I love cake but something isn't right about mixing the two!

S:  (smiling but not laughing) I didn't know there were people who don't like cheesecake.  Well, Erika, thanks for answering my questions.  I'll go now and leave you to go tag others.  (brushing off dog hair and waving goodbye)

So here is who I am tagging:
Michelle at 3 AM Teacher

Here Are The rules:
* Post these rules
* Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you
* Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people that you're about to tag
* Tag 10 people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!)

Here are my questions ladies!  Answer them if you will.

1.  If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

2.  What is your favorite drink?

3.  What is the best book you've ever read and why?

4.  What are your top 5 teacher blogs?

5.  What is your favorite non-teaching blog?

6.  What is the name of your favorite font?

7.  Do you wear a watch or not?  If so which wrist?

8.  Gold or silver?

9.  What is your favorite TV show to watch?

10.  Dog, cat or other?



  1. Oh no!! I have been tagged! I will have to do this tomorrow!

  2. I hate cheesecake too. Thanks for the shout out!


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