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February 05, 2012

I've Been Tagged! (TMI)

I was off from blogland for about two weeks due to being incredibly busy, a never-ending headache, and . . . remember my OLW . . . moderation.

Yes, I've been trying to curb my addictive slightly obsessed personality and not feel the need to see read everything in blogland.

Let me tell you it's been tough!

So anyway, while I was away I got tagged like a bagillion four times.

Missed out on a bunch of giveaways and freebies.

But, and it's a big butt but, my family is probably a little happier.

And, I'll admit I probably was a little lot more rested during the week while at work.

Although occasionally I found myself wanting to go online and check things out while I should've been thinking other things.  You know, cuz if I did it at school, my family wouldn't know about it!  HA!  Do you think I have a problem.

I told a friend who has some computer addiction obsession problems herself that we should be in a weekly twelve step program.  Seriously, are there such a thing?

I told her the one requirement for me was that they be held somewhere with free wi-fi.

She said that the whole point of a twelve step program was to quit.

Duh!?!  Mental head slap!

I think that we could start by cutting back.  Pu-leaze!

Without a patch I can't quit cold turkey!

Or some gum.  Come on!

Here's another serious duh!

I bet ya any money that my never-ending headache was from computer withdrawals.

I mean think about it.  Right!?!

I was moody, sometimes a bit shaky.

It is seriously all starting to make sense.  And I bet if my family knew the connection they would never make me go through that he$# again.

You know unless they come up with that gum or patch thing.  Just saying!

So back to tag.

Here's how it works as you all probably know because you
1) don't have computer addiction obsession issues like me
2) haven't been off blogland for a gazillion years days hours like me
3) have already been tagged (which I wouldn't know since the aforementioned number two)

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them! 

Twelve interesting facts about me.  Huh.  Interesting makes it really hard.  But I'll give it a go.  Don't complain leave me a comment if you find it wasn't interesting though.

1.  Apparently I have an addictive obsessive personality.  (Although I do take medication for something similar.  As mentioned in a previous post it may not be working.)

2.  I love games.  Especially word games, Sodoku, and puzzles.  (I play some word games on my Nook and  Sodoku on the computer when I am not in blogland as well as having multiple game books - like from the Dollar Store - everywhere in the house and car.)  Okay, refer again to number one.

3.  I have a near photographic memory for things seen in movies or read in books.  However, I can't remember important things like I should.

4.  I had braces as an adult because my first job had ortho coverage.  I had always wanted braces and rather needed them but the parents just couldn't swing it growing up.  And although it was excruciating it was the greatest money I ever spent.

5.  I love grape Arctic Rushes from Dairy Queen for my weekend beverage.  It is essentially a slush with probably a pound of sugar in it.  (I have a sugar problem apparently too.)

6.  I am anti-parties.  Not that I don't enjoy going to a party, I just can't host or throw one.  I mean I can but it isn't all kinds of wonderful with a theme and decorations.  I'm a minimalist in the party sense.  The company is more important than the atmosphere.  Or at least it better be or I'm doomed.

7.  I seriously hate sweating.  This includes from heat and exercise.  On me or you for that matter.  Sweat just is gross.  And don't get me started on sweaty, stinky kids.  Blee-ech!  I actually have a hypnosis CD that I use to help me deal with the sweating so I can exercise.

(Now that some of you have figured out how freaky weird I am and are quickly unfollowing me and my little blog, I'll say thank you for your patronage and good luck in your future blog following.  And for those of you sticking with me I'll continue.)

8.  I also hate too much hair in all the wrong places.  A hairy ape man with out enough clothes on is all kinds of wrong.  My high school boyfriend's mother once dated a guy that seriously had no delineation from his head hair to his back hair.  This was noted on a boating trip and is what has scarred me for life obviously.  Well, actually there is another "hair incident" that I need to share but that will have to be another post.

9.  I love watching people but dislike crowds.  I think this interest came about from a junior high (yea, it was not middle school when I was there.) filmstrip on dating that I watched in library study hall.  (And yes, that was filmstrip for you younguns.)  In it they suggested going to the airport and people watching . . . on a date! (Again, you read that correctly!)  Now, I wouldn't call that a fun date, but I would call it fun.

10.  I love accents.  Dated briefly for a few hours (at least) a guy from France and only because I liked the way he talked.  I often find myself trying to talk with an accent and get funny looks because apparently I can't.

11.  I love reading and books.  In another life I may have been or will be a librarian or used book store owner.

12.  I love all things animal.  My friends and coworkers tease about wanting everything for a pet from groundhogs to orangutans.  Although I wouldn't want anything dangerous!  No danger, danger, danger for me!

So here are my answers to Sara at Smiling in Second Grade.

1. What is your favorite television show?  Big Bang Theory & Person of Interest
2.  If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  somewhere tropical with a beach but not a lot of sweaty people
3. Who is one famous person you would like to meet (past or present)?  Jesus
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?  besides sweaty, hairy people??  whining
5. What is your favorite activity?  reading
6. What is the best thing about teaching?  the kids and my coworkers
7. What is the most frustrating thing about teaching?  parents
8. If you could have a shopping spree to any store, where would you go?  Barnes & Noble
9. What motivates you to be a better teacher?  myself and my students
10. Why did you start blogging?  I don't recall, Mr. Senator (honestly)
11. If you weren't a teacher, what would you be?  librarian or used book store owner or pet sanctuary owner
12. Where is your favorite place to read a book?  in bed

Here are my answers to Rachel of Ms. Rachel's Room.

1.  What was the name of your first pet?  a mutt named Leroy
2.  What was your best moment as a teacher?  when a child told his parents that he was smart when he was with me
3.  Where is your favorite place to buy clipart?  Scrappin' Doodles and KPM Doodles
4.  What is your biggest pet peeve?  see number four above
5.  What kind of car do you drive?  the dreaded mini-van (Chrysler Town & Country) for a few more years
6.  What is your favorite food?  any kind of bread or pasta
7.  What food do you HATE?  any kind of fish or seafood (seafood allergy)
8.  What is your favorite winter activity?  downhill skiing
9.  Have you ever completed a 1,000 piece puzzle?  yes, it was an I Spy like puzzle that was incredibly hard and frustrating
10.  Where is your favorite place to buy clothes?  don't have a favorite . . . if it fits and is affordable I will buy it anywhere . . . although I hate to shop!
11.  E-reader or real books?  both
12.  Mac or PC?  PC

Here are my answers to Latricia from Wild About Second Grade.

1. What is your favorite hobby?   reading
2. Do you have children? How many?  
 two daughters (12 and 14)
3. What was your most embarrassing moment?  
 moment means one . . . I seem to have a lot!  How about going shopping and realizing that my pants and belt are undone after a long time.  Thankfully nothing was showing.  But I'm sure people thought I was drunk or worse.  No wonder people were giving me funny looks!
4. What type of books do you like to read?  
 mostly mysteries or things that make me laugh
5. Harry Potter or Twilight?  
6. What is your favorite meal?  
7. What place in the world would you most like to visit?  
 the Vatican
8. If you could go back in time and meet one person, who would it be?  
 see first number three above
9. What is the last movie you watched?  
 One for the Money
10.Are you usually late, early or right on time?  
 usually late
11.Who is a person you admire and why?  
 my husband because of his faith, optimism and passion for life
12.What's your favorite type of music?  

Here are my answers to Jennifer of Rowdy in First Grade.

1. Are you married and do you have kids?   married 20 years (see number two above)
2. What is your favorite children's book or series?  
 tough to pick one . . . love them all (well, okay, most!)
3. If you didn't live in your current city where would you like to live?   somewhere with warm beaches (not hot - remember no sweaty, overly hairy people) with beautiful accents 
4. Do you have any fun vacations planned?  
 Boston/New York in a few years
5. If you won a million dollars in the lottery today where would you shop first?  
 pay off bills and then buy things for family, friends, charity, church and school
6. What was the last movie you saw?  
 see number nine above
7. What theme do you have in your classroom?  
8. At the end of a long day what do you do to unwind?  
 read & blog stalk
9. What meal do you crave the most during a tough week?  
 pasta with bread and a big yummy salad
10. What was your New Year resolution?  
 OLW - moderation
11. What's on your classroom wish list?  
 permanent Promethean board
12. What candy would you like to secretly stash in your desk drawer?  
Hershey kisses

I am breaking the rules and not tagging anyone because
1)  I'm over my time limit on the computer now according to my daughter
2)  I'm actually a little tired from all this question answering
3)  I don't know who to tag since I've been out of blogland for so long

So at this point in this incredibly loooooong post I'd like to thank those of you that stuck around especially in light of my freakishness and the length of this post.  If you are still here you are wonderful!  (Just hopefully not sweaty and overly hairy!)



  1. I know it is so hard not to want to read and use everything in blog land. I am starting to become overwhelmed with organizing all these great ideas!! I need to figure out a way to keep it all organized. I hope you have a good rest of your Sunday and have a super week. Oh by the way the desk is still going great. I don't miss it at all.

  2. I was sweaty earlier today...does that make you shake in your shoes or twitch?!? HA!

    Glad to see you back...

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. I love that you try to speak with an accent! Too funny!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. LOl- you crack me up!!

    I have "different" pet peeves as well, dont feel bad!!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  5. I completely understand the need for a self help program. I'm trying to cut back, too. Just so I have more time for other things. Like people. In real life.
    Sweaty hairy people are disgusting. I'm with you and would follow you all over again if I could! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Haha, your post made me laugh out loud. I love it! I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you do not live in the South where the heat and humidity cause you to sweat within 1.5 seconds of stepping outside. Or maybe you do, and that's what has caused your issue :)

    Living A Wonderful Life

  7. Oh my word you crack me up! I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better. Hope you had a great weekend.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  8. I am a TOTAL pasta and bread lady! When the Mr says "what do you want to for dinner?" I would say pasta and bread every night....but I have those Littles who need nutrients and stuff....bleck!

    Going Nutty!


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Erika!

    My email is ksmith3535@gmail.com.
    I would love for you to email me details about a blog button! =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

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