January 14, 2012

Currently & Some Answers

I am linking up, a little late, with Farley's Oh' Boy 4th Grade Currently party.

I have had a really hard time picking my one little word (OLW) this year.  I had a word last year that just came to me, but this year I think I worked too hard to find the perfect word.  I also know I didn't pray about it enough.  So that is why I was late getting to this.

Thinking about my OLW reminded me that I have a set of Virtue cards from The Virtue Project that I use for personal reflection at home.  These cards are wonderful.  Each day I try to remember to pick a card to read and reflect on.  I pick a card randomly knowing that God will give me the card I most need that day.  However, I've been bad about remembering to use these lately.

On their website homepage, you can click on "Do a Virtues Pick" and it will randomly pick a card for you to read.

This is what the card for Moderation says.
I definitely need to use moderation in work since I can let it consume all aspects of my life.  I need to use moderation in my personal life (especially with my computer) so that I spend the most time on what is most important to me...my family.  I need to remember moderation when I eat and exercise.  I need to remember to pray and to play more.

They also have these cards for children on the Education page, including a random pick as well.  These cards are great discussion starters and vocabulary builders.  There are no religious references for those of you in public schools. 

I've had numerous questions about the crate seats.  Let's see if I can answer them.  These seats were not my original idea.  I only wish!

I did have to lower the table, but it works fine for my second graders.  The kids love sitting on the crates and will drag them all over the room.  I'm going to make more for next year to put at my little extra group of three desks and probably my computers.  The storage they provide is wonderful!  They might be a little low for third graders, however my 12 and 14 year old daughters still like to sit on them when they are in my room after school and they are both taller than I am.

To make the crate seats buy sturdy crates in the color of your choice.  The crates with holes are sturdier.

Buy a heavy-duty fabric (about half a yard per seat) in a darker color than I chose so they don't get dirty or grungy easily.  (Some of mine have pencil and marker marks on them already.  Arg!)

Cut 1/4" thick  plywood to fit the top of each crate.  (Each crate will be slightly different, so measure accordingly.  Because you will be covering with batting and fabric, a tight fit isn't necessary or desired.)  No sanding is necessary since it will be covered.

Attach a 2" piece of foam to each piece of wood with spray adhesive.  Then wrap each with a piece of batting and fabric.  Use a staple gun to attach batting and fabric on the underside.  Attach a coordinating ribbon from side to side with staples to make it easier to lift the lid to get to storage.

Not having a teacher desk for one week has been life changing.  I do not have spots or space now for stacking piles so I have to decide pretty quickly what to do with things.  If I take something out to use, I put it away when I am done with it.  If something comes into my mailbox and then my room, I either put it where it should go or get rid of it.  I am being forced to stay organized and it's a GREAT thing.

I am not wasting time walking back and forth between multiple work zones.  I hate to say this and jinx myself, but I've actually gotten out of work earlier this past week!  And this week I was also working on report cards.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!


  1. Oh girl! Moderation is my OWL, too. I love the quotes you posted...thank you for sharing those! And THANK YOU for sharing how to make those adorable crate seats!! I can't wait to make them!

    Teaching First

  2. Good for you! What an accomplishment! I know it feels great to stay organized! Love the crate seats!

  3. I have to check out that website!!!
    And hooray for no desk!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Just found your blog...I'm your newest follower! I also LOVE not having a desk...really opens up my room!

    Growing Up Teaching

  5. Thanks for the tips about the seats!!! I can't wait to make these!!

  6. Love your crate seats!! Thanks for the tutorial :) And wow, I could never get rid of my desk... brave!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher


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