May 26, 2013

Last Week of School

This is my last week of school with the kiddos.  I have so much to cards, end of the year gifts for the kids and volunteers, clean up the mess that my room has become, etc.

I have serious fuzzy brain syndrome people.

I'm going to print this and hang it around my neck as a warning to those around me.

The keep calm part is for me and the leave me alone part is for everyone else!  =)

What makes this week even worse is that I seriously have the best class I've had in 20 years.  (Has it really been that long?  Yikes, I'm old!)  I hate to see them go.

And the group coming up next year...the.WORST.ever!

This summer won't last long enough for them to mature as much as they need to folks...


  1. I feel your pain, Erika. I had the best and the worst classes in back to back years.

    Rest up this might need it!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your upcoming class at least you have some time to relax before you get them. Love the blog design!


  3. That's the best version of that sign I've seen and it totally captures the end of year experience for teachers!


  4. Happy Last Week of School!!! I feel your much to do, so little time....I have really loved my class this year too (even through some of the bumpy parts with certain kiddos). I'm not 100% how next year's class will be yet, but I know a few of them and I know one teacher had quite a bit of low ones...I'm optimistic though! Rest up this summer and if you need some puppy therapy, head over to the shelter! They make everything better :) HA!


Thanks for filling my bucket!


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