May 22, 2013

Asked a Funny Question

A few weeks ago our school held it's annual Grandparent's Day celebration.

Yes, I know Grandparent's Day is officially in the fall, but our school has it in the spring.
Don't ask me why, I don't really know.
And if you ask anyone of importance why, you'll probably get the go-to answer...
"That's how it's always been done."

I bet you've never heard that one before.  We hear it a lot!

Although next year we'll have a new principal so maybe we won't hear it anymore unless of course they hire someone who has been around long enough to know that's how it's always been done.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

So after the big hoopla we do as a whole school, everyone goes back to their respective classrooms. The kids give the nanas and pop-pops a tour of their room, read them a book, have a cookie and introduce them to their teachers.

It's a time for chit chat, small talk, lots of smiling and the like.  Generally, a time to pretend you are a politician.  Shake hands.  Kiss a few babies.

And hope you don't have a kid who stands up on a chair and acts like a goober while the grandparents laugh, clap, and videotape the whole thing.

Anyway, I'm chatting with this one grandfather who looks me in the eye and says, "You've got a really nice classroom.  Did you decorate it yourself?"

I know my jaw dropped slightly...and my eyes blinked a number of times before I responded in true politician form, "Why yes, yes, I did as a matter of fact."

"Really?" he replies, "You did a nice job.  I really like it.  Do you do it every year?"

"Yep, I sure do, although every year I change a few things, rearrange a few things."  I smile and say.

Then I walk away to shake someone else's baby hand and kiss someone else's hand baby because I'm quite frankly dumbfounded.

Are there schools out there where they have decorators on staff and/or don't have to tear the whole room down at the end of the year and resurrect it again a couple of months later?  Do parents/grandparents think we teachers show up on the first day of school to a perfect ready room?

I don't know about you but I spend at least two three weeks decorating, preparing things, etc. before school starts.

Does anyone else out there think this was a bizarre question?  Have you been asked an equally odd question by a parent/grandparent?


  1. I often think that parents/grandparents believe we arrive the first day to a nicely set up room with supplies in the cabinets, desks organized and a library set up.

    We take down EVERY year and put up EVERY year. YUCK. Our school is the summer school & no one wants their things stolen. The good thing about having Summer School at our school is that we have to pack up and be checked out on Wednesday, Thursday is a 1/2 Day and Friday is the teacher's last day but it's the Summer School teacher's workday so we usually get to leave around 12noon.


    1. Some days I wish I was a high school teacher and just slapped up a poster and called it good!

  2. First of all, "That's what we've always done," is our go-to answer, too!

    And, yeah, I think parents these days (no excuse for grandpa) have no clue how much time teachers spend doing anything! I made Mothers' Day photo cards to send out and less than 1/3 of the moms even said thank you! (I wonder if they think it is in our curriculum or part of my job to spend Friday night making it?)

    Glad I am not the only one. (Or should I be sad?)

    1. I bet they cost you a pretty penny too.

  3. My last school they only pack up the room if they want it painted other than that it all stays. And I have been in A LOT of rooms that have not been decorated lately.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Seeing as I spend more time in my class than home, it's got to be a nice place for me and my students!


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