June 07, 2013

Vacation - Day 4 1/2

It's called summer vacation, but it certainly doesn't feel like it yet.

Day 4 and 1/2 and I've just completed my third day of training and finished packing up my classroom today...er...yesterday I guess since it's technically Friday according to the clock.  (YAWN!)

Training day 1 was on common core (math, ELA, and the new science standards).  Wow!  Overload.  Our school believes in jumping in head first...not waiting until someone says "do it now" and then panicking.  I like that, but it's a little scary and daunting.

Did you catch that fancy schmancy zippy word usage?

Day 2 training was on Moodle.  Our system is using this for lesson pacing, common core alignment, document sharing among staff, student and parent communication.  I liked it although it's not as "cute" as I'd prefer.  I'm trying to deal with it.  But I'd like to give it a "makeover"!

Anyone out there use Moodle?  What are your thoughts, feelings, likes/dislikes, etc.  Any suggestions for me as I prepare to do math common core alignment and pacing on it for our second grade team?

It's going to be a busy summer "vacation" or work-cation...or something.

Stay tuned...I have some exciting news concerning next year that I hope to share soon!  :)


  1. Ahhh..I'm still packing up my classroom and probably will for another few days! I'm not very good at staying organized throughout the year. My district is a bit similar with jumping into things but they jump in without having all their ducks in a row and it's like the blind leading the blind. I felt the common core math has gone much smoother for since they introduced it. I also like math and think it's a bit easier to teach :) The ELA stuff, well I was expected to teach it this past year without any resources!!! So I can't really offer much advice. They didn't even give us any idea where to start with it. Our district did do a math pacing guide that we are to follow. Go here http://www.billingsschools.org/Page/425
    for our pacing guide. At least maybe it will give you some direction. I have never heard of Moodle....I hope you can enjoy your summer break....I too will be doing lots of projects and a few training days! :)

    1. I was at the shelter the other day but didn't see you. Hope your summer is going great!


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