November 08, 2011

Place Value (Regroup Ones to Tens)

We are still working on this place value thing where my kiddos have to write the number and remember to regroup the ones to tens. Uh, they get it when we add two double digit numbers! But when it is written in expanded notation form and they have to regroup they fall apart. Not sure what it matters if they can do it when adding...but it's on the test and so we plod on. Here is a boring practice/assessment sheet I made to follow up the "Birds of a Feather" center activity. The only thing exciting about it are the new graphics from KPM Doodles on it. :) Click here to get it.



  1. That is such a hard concept for kiddos isn't it? I know your pain! Thanks for sharing your assessment!

  2. Thanks Erika for your comment! I am glad I am not alone! I love your place value worksheet too! I am a new follower now!
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