November 06, 2011

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I am thrilled to announce the opening of my Teacher's Notebook store! Drum roll please...I just sold my first item for $1. Wooo Hooo! I am so excited! Mr. Hubby is a little less ecstatic being that he is in the banking business and he's figuring in the store start-up fee and the Paypal fees. But he isn't bursting my bubble! No way, no how!

I created a center activity for my kiddos to use this month called "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" that will reinforce writing numbers in different ways. It includes numbers with two and three digits, place value blocks, expanded notation, number words, and counting bills and coins. I added a tricky skill that my students are tested on...hundreds, tens, and ones with trading. This is what I mean--75 is 7 tens + 5 ones. But it is also 6 tens + 15 ones. Are your kids tested on this skill too?

If you are interested in this activity head over to Teacher's Notebook and grab one. You will probably hear me doing another happy dance if you do and the hubs doing an eye roll!!


  1. HA! Leave it to hubbies to be my hubby does it to me all the time! but yay for you!! I know how excited you must be since I'm all excited every time I hit another "ten" followers and I tell hubby each
    I have you as a Favorite so I can get your updates!

  2. Hmm...My hubs gets emails on his phone and will text me and say, "Hey, you just made a dollar! At this rate, we can take a vacation in 10 years!!!" Gotta love them!

    Well, tell your hubs to get ready to eye-roll! I'm headed over there to make a purchase!!! Those are super cute, and a much needed practice. Why do they struggle so much with place value?

    Oh, and thanks for following me, and adding my button. Will return the favor as soon as I finish my TN shopping!! :)


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