November 29, 2011

Cyber Monday Coma

I shopped until I dropped yesterday! Let's just say my next paycheck is going directly to TpT! And the best part was that I was in my pj's on the couch under a blanket with a Christmas movie on the tube! Then fell into bed and slept like I was dead. Shopping wears me out like that. ;)

I bought way more stuff for the next few weeks of school leading up to the holiday than I can possibly use and may have to give my next paycheck to WalMart for printer ink. I also bought some great things for upcoming units/lessons. I love knowing I've got new and exciting things coming up! Thank you all!!!

Just so you know, in case my husband gets on here and some how tracks down a few of you...the story is that you all make me buy stuff, okay? When he gets the bank statement that I use for my PayPal account he always huffs and clutches his chest dramatically. (And not only is he my hubs, but he is my banker so I get the double whammy!) If you all didn't make such marvelous stuff it would help! whispered so Mr. can't hear.... but please don't stop !!

So blogger wasn't letting me make comments on a lot of blogs tonight which really ticked me off because I love leaving comments. Occasionally it wouldn't show the "secret code" that you have to type in. How can I type a code I can't see?? Come on people. So I actually tried clicking the handicap icon. Didn't do anything! What does that little bugger do anyway??? It isn't like parking in a handicap spot without a sticker is it? Cause that is something I would not do. But I thought maybe if you couldn't see the code then you by-passed it with that thingie (like if you were visually impaired) but then it occurred to me if I was visually impaired I wouldn't be able to see the little handicap guy either. Duh.

Stupid side story here.

I love my dogs a LOT. So once I wanted to take my little dog along to a movie so she could snuggle on my lap and keep me warm. (Sorry, don't hate me if you are not a dog lover.) My husband (the party pooper) was all "No way! They don't allow that and you'll get caught!" To which I said "If I do, I'll just pretend it's my seeing dog." To which he had to point out, "Why would you go to see a movie if you couldn't SEE it?" Another duh. Hadn't thought of that. For those of you wondering. I did not take the dog...even though I wanted to and I know she really wanted to go.

And no disrespect was meant to anyone handicapped or visually impaired. So don't go up and stop following me. Please, don't do that. And I am not blonde although I sometimes feel and act like I am. No disrespect to blondes intended either. Again, don't stop following me. (If any of my friends or coworkers are reading this, I know "shut up NOW, Erika!"

Back to the comment issue/problem:

Or I'd type my comment, the code, and click submit or whatever and then I'd get a "service
unavailable" message. Oh, technology stinks when it doesn't work and unfortunately I can't grab the cell and call you all up or text. Which is seriously what I wanted to do!

I'm thinking about doing my first linky party but don't know how. Anyone have any suggestions or places to go for help, tutorials, etc.?

My brain is scattered tonight as you can tell. I can't believe I am up to 80 some followers. I so appreciate you all. I'd like to make 100 my the end of the year and have a give away. I see these other blogs with thousands of followers and it is mind boggling! I think I'd have performance they make a pill for that like they do Viagra??

Now I am getting a little orange message at the bottom of my post saying "Could not contact Blogger. Saving may not be possible impossible" because you've offended too many people. Or something like that. Is God trying to tell me something?


  1. I gave you the Sunshine Award! Come by and check it out!


  2. Your blog is so cute, I love your header! I saw you on Stacy's blog and will definitely be following!

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