December 12, 2011

Crazy, Giveaway, & a Question

Okay, let me just start off by saying I don't want anyone to take offense by what I am about to say.

That said, here goes.

As someone who has nine, count them . . . NINE more days with insane kiddos until Christmas break, I may be forced to leave hateful comments to the next person who posts about being done with school this week or in the next few days.

Okay-dokay. Glad we got that clear.

I have a great class this year (as opposed to last year) but people they were nutso today!

We had our Christmas program yesterday. Yes, on a Sunday afternoon! So they were wound up today.

I hope I get some serious sympathy comments about that Sunday program from all my dear friends out there! It was bad. But since it is for the parents, people, we can't complain. Remember, it isn't about us at all.

Anyhow, the kids were awful today. Oh, did I already say that. Yes? And do you remember I have NINE more days of this?

I seriously thought I needed to make a sacrificial offering to the Christmas gods today to appease them so that Christmas wouldn't be canceled or something. I even was willing to sacrifice more than one! Hey, don't tell me I wasn't willing to take one for the team!

Oh, yeah, and did I mention music was in my room today because PE was in the multi-purpose room because of the cold weather? (More sympathy please.)

So, even though I had things to do, I left the room. If I hadn't the sacrifices would have started.

I ended up in the lounge where there was NO chocolate! (Can I get some more sympathy?)

But the school nurse was there working and I started blabbing about sacrifices and, OMgoodness, then I laughed like a mad scientist.

Think the bug scientist on Monsters vs Aliens.

I seriously scared myself!

I did some deep breathing before heading back to class.

Hopefully the gods won't need any offerings tomorrow . . .

So, now that I am home and in my happy place, I want to tell you about the giveaway at Dreamlike Magic Designs. You can win a $25 gift card to anything in their shop. So finish reading this post, leave me some sympathy, help with the upcoming question (if you can) and then go enter. Good luck!

Okay, here is the question.

I have a Teacher's Notebook shop and I just received an email from someone saying they purchased an item but couldn't download it. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what did you do? I've not had this happen before and am baffled.

Stay tuned for my 100 followers giveaway!


  1. Don't worry I have all this week and until Thursday next week! I am going crazy! The kids, me, the kids, me, me, the kids, me, and me are ready for a break! :)

  2. Oh my! I feel your pain. We go until Thursday of next week and my kids were completely awful today. This year, they are usually awful but this was a new kind of awfulness. I had one kid scream, literally scream, all day. I was about to pull my hair out. But I least I didn't have music in my room. Good luck for your last 9 days!

    Swimming into Second

  3. I feel your pain..I have a handful of boys who I just can't win matter how much I separate them or consequence's driving me crazy! I, too, have until next Thurs. and I'm hoping I make it through--One of my kiddos played with the blind cord (on the window) and dumped 18 mini drawers of math labels, that were so nicely organized for the year! So I had to take some deep breaths! I think I'll be taking LOTS of deep breaths for the next 8 days!
    Good luck--You will make it! (we all will, won't we??) :)

  4. Sorry girl! We are in 'til next Friday too!! I hope things go quickly and smoothly for you this week! I haven't had that problem before on TN, but I do know the people who run it are fantastic and write back quickly if you email a question. Good luck with everything Erika!!! :)

  5. I completely understand! We go until Thursday of next week. My kids are just very needy this year and it is driving me nuts!! They can't follow directions, I have 2 students that throw "fits" and try to throw their chair..desks...or anything they can get their hands on. I have never had such a class and I don't know how to deal with it. Good luck with your 9 days and hopefully you will not have music in your room any more.

  6. You are all so wonderful. After reading your comments I feel bad for complaining! Thanks for putting my pain in perspective.

  7. I took today off since I have a cold, hoping with rest it wouldn't progress any further! I only have 4 more days before break PLUS the only child in my class who was consistently on the naughty list moved to another school on Friday! I swear I heard angels singing as I filled out her withdrawal paperwork! But, I do have sympathy for you - I can't believe they used your room for Music - would drive me crazy! I actually got out of a Christmas program for Sunday -- it was at a church, where some of our kids were singing and the teachers were ENCOURAGED to attend since the church donates a lot of stuff to our kids. But, luckily, I was sick.

    Hmm, as I read that paragraph I realize that I am sort of, kind of rubbing it in, or at least not being very sympathetic. Hmm, would it help if I tell you I'm out of my low-carb chocolate AND didn't have a single book to read today? I obviously did not plan this sick day very well!

    As for the TN thing, email the customer back and give them the link for technical support - I believe I saw a post about this where people were scamming to get free downloads, so better safe than sorry!

    Just to make you feel a bit better, and to prevent any sacrificing, I'm giving your blog an award! Check it out :)

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  8. I feel your pain! We go until next Friday too! That's just punishment unusual punishment. I'm jealous of everyone that has only a few more days. Good luck with the next 9 days!

    Sara :)

  9. You are hilarious!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am so thankful to have found yours!!

  10. A Christmas program on a SUNDAY??!! Do you work in a private school? We have our "Sing Along" this Friday. The whole school (1100 students and 40 something teachers) will crowd into the multi and watch each other sing AND THEN we'll exit. The parents will file in and each grade level will take turns getting on the stage and do it all over again. All grade levels will be waiting in the wings. :) But seriously, Sunday???
    And . . . well, I'll just be super quiet about my 3 week break that begins this Friday at 3pm. Keep in mind, my 3rd week is Furlough Days and I'm technically not getting paid.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  11. I will not talk about how my break begins this Friday and then Im getting on a cruise ship on Saturday. ;)



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