July 31, 2011

Birthdays at the Hive

This year I had to have a birthday hive.  (Surprised aren't you?)  I created this to be a banner (my first) that I cut and matched up before backing with fadeless paper and laminating.

The Birthday Hive Sign

Then I made these honeycomb shapes to arrange into a hive shape under the header.  On the shape for each month, I will type in the student's names who have a birthday in that month and the date of their birthday in the # spot.  I made a few extra shapes in case I needed more to make a visually pleasing hive.

Birthday Hive

I'm not sure if you can edit documents in Scribd.  If not I can send you the Word doc if you leave me an email address.


  1. I am in love with your posts and how cute your bee theme is. Can you e-mail this to me?

  2. I have downloaded your birthday hive through scibd - but it does not let me edit...I absolutely love it, but would like to be able to put students names in. Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks! Also, I love your blog!

    1. Michelle,
      If you leave me your email address I can send you an editable version of the document. Or you can contact me at my email address.

    2. My email address is mlburgener@eiu.edu

      Thanks so much! I am moving from kindergarten to second grade this fall and have been worried about all my room decor (too babyish, etc.) So I have really enjoyed your blog!

      Thanks Again,


  3. I would love to have both of these files so I can edit them for my new bee-themed classroom!! Could you please email them to me at emilyksamples@gmail.com?
    Thank you in advance!


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