July 26, 2011

Creations for the New School Year

After seeing the awesome owl art created by Mrs. Olson, I was inspired to create my own bee artwork for my classroom.  She very kindly offered to make some for me, but after having ordered twice from Vistaprint, once from Zazzle and Oriental Trading I figured I had better try out my own first.  I am just tickled and can't wait to hang them in my newly arranged room.


  1. Love your blog design! Very cute and creative :)

    How did you create these? Love them!

  2. Brittney Anne,
    I bought canvases at a craft store and painted with acrylic craft paints. For the red background I used horizontal brushstrokes and left it streaky for dimension. The green background I used a swirly stroke. Then I painted yellow egg-like shapes and highlighted with a lighter tint. I did the same with the wings. Black stripes were added irregularly, outlines, words and flying "trails" last. Thanks for filling my bucket!

  3. Your very welcome! Thanks for the neat share :)



Thanks for filling my bucket!


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