October 11, 2011

Bonus Letters Song & Binders

Sunday night when inspiration struck, I immediately grabbed my cell phone and recorded this simple little ditty about the bonus letters. Hope you can use it along with the poster from my previous post. (My songs are always piggy-backed on a well-known tune or they just don't work for my musically challenged self. I also find the kids adjust well to them because they are usually familiar with the tunes also. We usually sing the original tune and then hum it before I introduce the new words.) This item is available for free on my new Teacher's Notebook store.

All of my students have a binder where we keep poems, songs, behavior calendars for the clip chart, and our daily calendar sheets. They love these binders and read from them often! Students take the binder home on Fridays to share all the wonderful things in them with their families over the weekend. At the beginning of the year I bought a ton of plastic tabbed dividers from the Dollar Tree and labeled the tabs using my Dymo label maker. I LOVE that thing! Do you have a binder for songs, poems, and other wonderful things you want your kiddos to keep?

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