September 05, 2011

I'm Alive!

Wow, the first two weeks of school are behind me and I survived, which is remarkable considering the heat we've had.  Blessedly, the last few days have been cool and rejuvenating, and the three day weekend allowed me to really recharge.

I have the smallest class of I've ever had (only 16) and they are wonderful!  I have some corkers, quite a few with dyslexia that are very low level readers, a handful of talkers, and a couple that need meds BAD!  But they are nice, kind kids.  It will be a fun year I can tell!

Sadly, my digital camera decided to "cross over to the other side" the first week of school.  BOO HOO!  I gave in and went and bought a new one today.  (Can't live without a camera!)  So I will be taking pictures of the kids and classroom this week.

I got this great writing center idea from Mrs. Gilchrist's blog.  She had all the printables available for FREE!  I redid the alphabet so that it was D'Nealian font and also made my own story so that it was a bit longer.  Mrs. Gilchrist had her writing center on a tri-fold board like you'd use for a science fair display.  Love that idea...especially since I am so short of bulletin board/wall space.  I cut my tri-fold board in half horizontally to make it a bit smaller.  (I think I will make an author display board out of the other half.)  I glued ribbon on the bottom edge and two side edges to spruce it up a bit.  I couldn't do the top edge because some of the letters would have been covered. :(  But I am very happy with it and I know as soon as we start D5-Work on Writing the kids will love it.  (Just ignore the messy kitchen in the background...)
Thank you Mrs. Gilchrist!!

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